Director of Operations Africa

Dominique Noome

After having worked for conservation organisation IUCN and in a National Park in Malawi for a couple of years, Dominique Noome co-founded the Ranger Campus (RC) Foundation in 2016, to address what she perceived as a flaw in the system. As the main line of defence for the world’s biodiversity, rangers often struggle to get access to adequate training as well as equipment in order to perform their job safely and effectively.  As Program Lead for LEAD Ranger since 2017, Dominique aims to support professionalism of the ranger job and training. This includes setting quality standards for the program and for training efforts, and producing impact assessments. All to ensure the best quality training possible for training local ranger instructors, who can cascade the skills down to their peers.  In addition to her work with rangers, Dominique is also a Functional Specialist in the Royal Netherlands Army and member of the Global Military Advisory Council on Climate Change. Through a series of publications and events on this topic she aims to raise institutional awareness and foster action to mitigate the impact of climate change in international security.